Palm Tree Leaf

I work with adults of all ages, commonly helping them to:

  • decrease depression, sadness, mood swings

  • work through grief and loss 

  • decrease anxiety, stress, worry

  • improve relationships 

  • learn to establish healthy boundaries

  • address parenting concerns

  • parent children with unique challenges

  • resolve issues at work

  • improve work-life balance

  • cope with acute and chronic illness

  • navigate the role of caretaker

  • find a self-care practice 

Palm Tree Leaves

I work with couples in all stages of a relationship, helping them to:

  • find resolutions to chronic conflict

  • learn to communicate fairly and respectfully

  • navigate infidelities

  • improve intimacy and sex

  • blend differing parenting styles

  • end "scorekeeping" and power dynamics

  • balance independence and dependence

  • improve quality of life in the face of illness

  • contemplate separation and divorce

  • co-parent amicably

  • resolve conflicts over money

  • rediscover the joy of their connection

Mountain Lake

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. 

I will meet you there.  ~Rumi